Bridal Makeup basic

Bridal Makeup basic

We at Daisy Dembla Makeovers Makeup Academy teaches you the best makeup in hisar with the luxurious infra structure and advanced makeup techniques, tips, tricks and Remedies. 

Daisy Dembla gives her personal attention to each and every student from ground level to professional and helps them to reach the point of success. So you will get a lot to learn from her experience. 

 At our Makeup Academy Regular Model shoots, demonstrations, hand-on practice session and Q/A session are given to students. It helps them to have real life makeup experience and in clearing all the doubts.

We are the only academy who provide makeup certificates of our professional makeup academy which helps students to prove their knowledge and get a job easily in even Metro cities like Delhi, NCR Etc. 

Here are few key points why to join our makeup academy in Hisar.

  1. You are getting all the professional knowledge in your hometown.
  2. It will save a lot of cost like (Accommodation, Traveling and other expanses of metro cities.)
  3. You can learn all the basic to advance makeup skills in your hometown only.
  4. No language barrier. We and our staff is very efficient in Hindi,English, Punjabi and local regional language.
  5. You can start your own business after doing a course from our Academy.
  6. We give you space to practice in your own thought and Creativity. This helps to learn things more quickly.
  7. We kept doing Photoshoot sessions frequently so you can see your improvements more precisely and get an idea that how much you got from you expectations.
  • Fashion & Media industry is always in search for a good makeup artist so you can also give yourself a chance.